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After your ADVENTURE Please Send us a Review !

Thank you for your Review !

Totally Awsome Boogie Day... ! Thanks to all 

Norman & Bayles


It was so nice to meet so many Canadians on our Samana trip. It was a day to remember for life.


Calgary, Alberta Canada

Wir hatten einen sehr schönen Tag und liebten das Affenland. Die Familie war so glücklich.

Patricia Senrose

Franfurt, Germany

Съпругата ми и аз имахме невероятен ден на Саоана. На следващия ден направихме Zipline. Беше толкова забавно. Благодаря ви

Sŭprugata mi i az imakhme neveroyaten den na Saoana. Na sledvashtiya den napravikhme Zipline. Beshe tolkova zabavno. Blagodarya vi

Felipe & Carie


Very Great day with people and friends. We did the night out with Cocobongo and next day we went to Catamaran. Thanx! Love you all..



This is our 3rd time in Punta Cana and always look forward to the excursion get aways. We did Saona this last trip and it seems like it gets better each time.  The water was perfect and the people who hosted us wee so friendly. Had a few drinks also... Highly Recommended. thank you Jose and crew..

Mike an Corinne

Vancovuer, Canada

Absolutely amazing trip on the catamaran to the island! The island beach and waters are a paradise, and the swimming pool in the ocean is probably the most beautiful water I've ever seen! 

Laura Marino

Hamilton, Canada

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We had such an amazing time feeding the monkeys and visiting Annas house. We were able to see breathtaking views of the mountains and see the crew roast cocoa beans and coffee beans and sample some coffee and hot chocolate from thier harvest. Im not gonna lie, my mom was the one that wanted to do this tour and we thought it was going to be cheesy but this was one of most favorite days in DR! Thank you to the crew for a wonderful experience!

Laura Jones

Austin, Texas

This trip was really amazing! Benjamin was our Daddy for one day and he really made us to feel like a family. Altos de Chavon is a unique and charming town and Saona Island is paradise on Earth. The people from Dominican Republic have big hearts and they know exactly how to share the beauty of their country with the others!

Darren Hyde

Toronto, Canada

This excursion is great. The staff and transportation were great. They gave complete and clear instructions so we felt safe on all of the different Ziplines. I am afraid of heights and have done this Zipline twice and loved it. Thank you Sol PC Excursions... Jose was very helpful. Cant wait to come back next year.

Nancy Hendrickson


Todo excelente. Desde el momento de llegada fuimos atendidas muy cordialmente por Manolo, que fue la persona que nos vendió y explicó detalladamente cada salida y su precio. En todo momento confiable, fueron puntuales siempre! Nos ocurrió un hecho puntual, la cual decidimos ir a la Isla Saona un domingo y jamás recibimos un rechazo por parte de la empresa ya que decidimos cambiar el día para ir a la Isla. Manolo (persona responsable de la venta de los Tours) en todo momento consultando como había estado todo. Desde mi perspectiva todo muy recomendable para todo público. Quizás pagues un poco más que otra empresa, pero el servicio y la atención no se compara.

Marusk Semenoya

St. Petersburg, Russia

We loved, every minute of our time with the people of Sol Punta Cana. They set us up very good and had a wonderful time in Catalina Island.. Un Abrazo !

Stefan De Angelo

Roma, Italia

 Natural views of the mountains and green valleys, while listening the history of this island. You will get to small village and board a catamaran where you will spend 40 minutes with an open bar. Once in Samana, you will be able to enjoy beach time, a ride in a safari track, a city tour, a horseback ride and a visit to a waterfall. Absolutely breathtaking day with the family. Thank you Jose and the folks at Sol Punta Cana Excursions. Definitely will be back again soon. 

Karen & Jack Myers

Seatle, Washington

All excellent From the moment of arrival we were treated very cordially. Explained in detail each departure and its price. At all times reliable, they were always punctual! We happened a specific event, which we decided to go to Isla Saona on a Sunday and we never received a rejection from the company since we decided to change the day to go to the Island.

From my perspective everything highly recommended for all audiences.  Service and attention does not compare. Thank you SOl...

Benjamin Lackroville

Strasbourg, France

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