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Welcome to NOVAL


Noval is a company dedicated to the construction, development, and sales of villas and apartments. 

Operating both as contractors and developers, providing the highest standards of quality and design.

With projects currently developing located in Bavaro, Punta Cana, and Macao, in the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic.



Noval was established in 2003, with the purpose of building properties in the Dominican Republic with outstanding design, building methods, and first class materials.

The team is composed of over 300 workers, supervised by almost 50 experienced professionals (architects, engineers, administrators) with more than two decades operating successfully in the Dominican Republic.

In order to guarantee a unique design to construction, Noval imports finishing materials, which are produced by some of the finest European brands such as Emil Ceramica, Panaria, Lea Ceramiche, Stosa, Composit, Duravit, Grohe, Hansgrohe and Reser Ban.

This combination of good design, building methods, and first class finishes, makes Noval the leading construction company in the Dominican Republic.



First class design

After a vast labor of research and development, Noval team up with architects through an exhaustive revision process ranging from the first draft to the approved blueprints, with the purpose of designing spaces that make sense to clients, in agreement with the latest tendencies in architectural design.


Structural calculations
In the Dominican Republic, structural calculations are made under USA Code Requirements. 

The Ministry of Public Works has direct control through inspections to ensure that the approved blueprints are followed through during the construction process. 

Notwithstanding, Noval takes extra measures to ensure the quality of the structures in real estate developments.

As a first measure, Noval verifies the precision of  structural calculations trusting the most qualified professionals in the industry. Currently, calculations are in hands of Structural Engineer Misael Requena, who is highly renowned in the area. 

As a second measure, we follow closely each blueprint through rigorous supervision. 


Quality Control

In each concrete pour we take samples which are sent to different laboratories to ensure the quality and resistance of the materials we use. 


Instead of using the most conventional foundation method, or footing – which is to excavate the soil driving piles into the ground to support the building – Noval utilizes a foundation floor slab, which is an armed concrete platform in soil which is filled with rigorously selected and well compacted caliche. 

This system, which is more costly than the conventional one, offers higher seismic resistance and better damp proofing.

First quality finishes

To ensure first quality finishes and competitive prices, Noval import´s directly from Europe (mainly from Italy, Germany, and Spain), bringing in floors, kitchens, ceramic tiles, bathroom equipments, and other finishing materials. The quality of selection is confirmed by the warranty offered by its brands, with worldwide recognition.

Excellence in customer service

From design to construction, the process is customer oriented. Noval maintain´s an open communication with clients, to ensure that the final product suits the client's needs.

Available NOVAL projects
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CORAL Village
Lake Village
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