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With such affordable options in the Dominican Republic / Punta Cana, cash is the most common form of purchases. Generally individuals from abroad will secure a line of credit or equity loan against there current property or home. Interest rates are lower and affords a low monthly payment.


Financing is becoming more and more popular as a means of purchasing a home in the Dominican Republic /Punta Cana.

 Some Properties have an option to purchase with Seller Financing. Eg: The seller will be the mortgage holder or lender. You finance directly with the Seller of the Property.  Take a look at our options and contact us if this seems like an option for you.  We can customize financing to meet your needs!


Bank Financing 


For a Condo or Villa to qualify for a Bank-Originated Mortgage you must take into account the following points:


        ·         The Condo or Villa must have its Individual Title or the Developer must have 
                  submitted the Land Title (or “Mother” Title) for the entire community to the
                  Bank to hold until the Mortgage is paid off.

·         Completed and Signed Loan Documents.

·         Proof of Life Insurance.

·         Copy of Passport(s).

·         Copy of Income Tax Returns.

·         Signed Authorization for International Credit Report.

·         Copies of your last 3 month’s Bank Statements.

·         Monthly Income Statements.

·         Open a Bank Account with the Lender.


Seller Financing 


To buy a Condo or Villa that offers Owner Financing you must take into account the following points:


        ·         Present a Purchase Offer. 

·         Copy of Passport(s) and Other Identification (DNI, Driver's License).

·         Pay the Down Payment required by the Seller.

·        Availability to sign the Sales Contract in approx. 3 weeks after the down 
  payment is paid.


For more information about the Terms of the Seller Financing please contact Fabio Zonta directly.

Please note that all Rates and Terms are subject to change without notice. Sol Punta Cana is publishing Rates and Terms as they have been provided to us by the Lenders. Rates and Terms are locked in once the Loan has been approved.

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