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Contruction Services SRL.

WELL DONE srl.  has a reputation for innovative design, supported by the timely completion of projects in accordance with the budget, has created lasting relationships with our customers. Providing services in the field of residential and commercial construction: new construction, reconstruction and restoration, redevelopment and restructuring, expansion and restoration, construction of building structures and more.   Below are just a some examples of our works.

✓ Design and planning of buildings 
✓ Construction and reconstruction of buildings 
✓ Major repairs and restoration work of any complexity 
✓ Finishing works 
✓ Electrical works 
✓ Re-planning and agreements 
✓ Adjustment of ceiling heights and floor levels 
✓ Roofing 
✓ Heating systems 
✓ Construction and equipment of cellars and basements 
✓ Installation of kitchen, service and plumbing equipment 
✓ Installation of office equipment 
✓ Creation of local media and security networks 
✓ Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting, and illuminated signs 
✓ Landscape design and landscape construction 
✓ Installation and maintenance of outdoor sculptures
✓ Design, manufacture, assembly and installation of furniture 
✓ Design and creation of artificial reservoirs 
✓ Construction and installation of swimming pools 
✓ Construction of patios, gazebos and creation of light structures 
✓ Creation and reconstruction of drainage and irrigation systems
✓ Creation and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems 
✓ Fences, gates, hedges 
✓ Gardening services
✓ Handyman services
✓ Security services
✓ Installation of garages, parking lots and parking zones

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