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About Us

SolPuntaCana | Immobillier 509 Real Estate Group, are an esteemed partner supported by Habita and headquartered in Europe, stands as a distinguished force in the global real estate arena. While our base is in Punta Cana, our influence extends beyond borders, positioning us as a significant player on the international stage. Specializing in residential, commercial, and property brokerage, SolPuntaCana aligns seamlessly with Habita's commitment to excellence. At present, Habita operates globally, with strategically positioned offices around the world, spanning more than 30 countries.

We offer more than just the sale or rental of Real Estate. We have partnered with some of the best in the business. Looking to build a new home or property, we have Designers, Architects, Engineers and complete construction crews. From small maintenance or full scale development, we are here the whole step of the way.  In addition we offer consulting services for residency, transition moving from other countries or cities, excursions, home & property inspections, event planning, auto rental, auto / limousine shuttle service and security surveillance installation. 


 Buying a property is always a challenge however can be a fun and exciting time.  The process  takes time, to locate the most ideal property and finding a property in an unfamiliar country can seem a little daunting. 


With our help, you will spend the minimum amount of time searching for an ideal property and with our associates and legal team we will make the buying process very smooth. We understand our clients needs and will narrow down a search based on your exact criteria. All our agents have a minimum of 5 years experience and live in Punta Cana full time.  We are open and honest and will direct you in the correct direction. We want to gain your trust and confidence in our business.


The Dominican Republic has become our home and we will help guide you and give you the necessary information to make an easy transition. We offer full client support, from legal including; Sales, Insurance, Banking, Residency, Laboral and tax planning. We co-ordinate with repairs or management of your property and also act as consultants and will point and guide you in the correct direction.


We have developed relationships with only the best and most reliable attorneys and notaries, with minimal wait times. Average closing of property is about 21 days.  


Process of buying property in the Dominican Republic:


1. Selection of property ( 3 to 5 days average)


2. Reservation of property, followed by deposit and signing of preliminary offer letter / contract;


3. Legal / Notary Due diligence ; (Paid Separately ) You may use your attorney or we can assign one.


4. Preparation and signing of the final official contract prepared by attorney and witnessed by notary;


5. Complete payment of property; (You are the new owner )


6. Title Registration 


7. Receiving Title ownership


Typical Closing Cost breakdown based on US$100,000.


1. Services of Attorney including Notary;  1% x US$100,000 - Total US$1000


2. Transfer Ownership Tax;  3% X US$100,000 - Total US$3000

3. Title Registration; $295

4. Bank Wire transfer fee; $50

5. Total Closing Amount US$ 4345   (Grand Total US$104,345)

6. NOTE  : There is NO property tax paid going forward on purchase up to $165,000 

7. Tax on personal property, which is paid every year. In the event, the property purchase price is more than 7 252 200 Dominican Pesos or $165,000 the personal property to be paid,  is 1% of the price amount exceeding 7 252 200 Dominican Pesos. (Aprox. Rate; subject to change)

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